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In a world where education alone doesn’t always lead to prosperity, The U Can Company is on a mission to make a difference. We believe that true wealth lies in empowering individuals and families to create their own opportunities. Our holistic approach integrates regenerative farming, waste management, community engagement, and digital disruption to create sustainable micro-businesses. We envision a future with less waste, more opportunities, and resilient families.

“Empowering Families, Transforming Lives.”

1 Million Livelihoods

Our Livelihoods sustainability program is an innovative initiative that seeks to address the growing issue of waste management while promoting job creation in various industries. The program is designed to empower and mobilise communities by providing them with the necessary skills and tools to recycle waste materials and turn them into valuable resources.

Through this approach, we aim to reduce waste and promote sustainability while simultaneously creating job opportunities in areas such as waste management, recycling, and manufacturing. By engaging local communities in this process, the program also helps to build stronger and more resilient communities that are better equipped to tackle environmental challenges.

We are committed to creating 1 million new livelihoods in regenerative agriculture and new go-to-market innovation strategies.

These are our stories.

The story of talent and where to shine is the celebration of craftsmanship for makers and creators and all of our produce and all harvest packages. This will promote artisanal skills and promote artisans in all of our stores from food to theatre to video makers to documentary makers etc.

Our story of generosity, we respect biodiversity and our target is to have 1000 plant varieties in botanicals across southern Africa, rewilding trees with our unique’s seedpills as well as wild grasses, Fynbos and soil microbiology.

We are focused on creating seed banks and new landrace nutritious vegetable seeds for Africans enhancing nature and nutrition.

The story of respect for the planet is all about reducing waste and turning trash into cash. Our 2030 target is 100% recycled with 100% owned stores using recycled plastics in all of our pack sheds.

The story of emancipation is about empowering women. We want to bring support to at least 600,000 women in farming and in livelihoods by 2030.

The story of fairness: The story of fairness is 100% fair trade with all of our direct producers and farmers and we support farmers specifically new emerging farmers and women. We measure impact by total harvest value and community impact rather than yield per hectare

The story of vision is caring for the dreams and the prosperity through our Growth Fund and Impact Fund for farmers and new entrepreneurs.

Our Model

At U Can Company, we provide a four-tiered business model to help entrepreneurs enter the business industry and create sustainable livelihoods.

Our approach includes (1)The Beginning for small businesses, (2)Starter Pack, Business in a box for small-mid businesses, (3)Micro Friendchise for medium-sized businesses, and (4)Boza for large businesses. We believe that by using these business models, we can assist individuals build successful businesses while also having a positive impact on their communities.

At The U Can Company, we’re on a mission to revolutionise the path from education to livelihoods. We believe that true empowerment comes from sustainable practices and meaningful opportunities.


Who We Are

We are an ecosystem of companies dedicated to uplifting underserved families. Through regenerative farming, waste cleanup, recycling, and job creation, we’re connecting dots and creating a world with less waste.

Monday-Friday: 8.00 AM – 5.00 AM

Email: info@ucangrow.africa

43 Frost Street, Braamfontein, Johannesburg, 2001

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